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Python vs. C#: Frameworks, Libraries and Ecosystems

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Web 2.0 Sta.rtu.ps: Clevr Remaking Of The Old DotCom?

Python vs. C#: Business and Technology Tradeoffs

Python vs. C#: Understanding Personal Bias

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Required Reading: Eric Sink On The Business Of Software

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Don't Always Be Closing

Dangers Of Being A Parallel Entrepreneur

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Startups And The 900 Pound Gorilla: Why Strategic Partnerships Aren't

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When Do Founders Make Good CEOs?

Buying Internet Domains: Why Not To Fall In Love With Someone Who's Taken

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Online Advertising Revenue Buys Me A Chai Latte

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Crash Of The Web 2.0 Titans

Startup Founders: You Don't Need A World-Class Management Team

Marketing Tips For The Technically Gifted: The Power Of Customer Self-Selection

Reasons Why Your Startup Should Use Ruby On Rails (RoR)

The Thin Client, Thick Client Cycle

Experimenting with Ads

Startup Reality Distortion #5: Web Hosting Is Not Free

Startup Founder Compensation: The Good, The Bad and The Irrelevant

Development Short-Cuts Are Not Free: Understanding Technology Debt

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Selecting A Platform: Part 3

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