Launching The HubSpot Blog

May 1, 2006

Generally speaking, I like to keep this site “commercial free” (in the sense that I try not to promote specific products or companies).  However, today, I need to make an exception.


I’m happy to announce that my current startup (HubSpot) has finally launched a blog.  This is in preparation for a fair amount of activity that will be occurring with the company as I finish up my MIT work, graduate and shift from “student” mode to “not student” mode. 


Here’s the link to the new blog:


In case the above DNS configuration has not propagated across the Internet yet, here’s a link to the first article:


The blog link is intentionally buried on the home page of the site, as there isn’t any content out there yet (except for the first article).  Unless you know me personally (or know the company, which is unlikely), the first article will likely not be of much interest.  It’s there primarily for “historical” purposes and to recognize the tie-back to MIT and all the ways I’ve leveraged my past two years as an MIT graduate student to kick-off the company.  


I needed a quick and reliable way to get the HubSpot blog “out there” on the blogosphere and I figured this would be as good a way as any.


If you’re wondering how the articles posted on that blog will be different from those posted on this blog, here’s what I’m thinking: Blog:  Articles focused on software startups, founders and related topics.  Basically, this is what I’ve been doing on this site, and things have gone pretty well so far.  I’ve stayed focused and (hopefully) kept the signal to noise ratio pretty high. Blog:  Articles about HubSpot, its products, its customers and thoughts related to the industry.  HubSpot is still in alpha (beta planned for early June), but the goal is to provide an integrated suite of web applications that provide useful capabilities for very small businesses (less than 25 employees).  The idea is to try and bring together features that are currently “spread” across a variety of existing solutions, and make things easier for the customer by simplifying and integrating.  


If you’re a regular reader (and there are a growing number of you), then you’re likely interested in software startups in general.  But, if you’re interested in an actual startup – and watching me valiantly try to follow my own advice, I encourage you to put the HubSpot blog feed in your RSS reader as well.  It is now time to start putting my money where my mouth is and actually do some real entrepreneuring (which is not really a word, but people seem to have used it before).


Now, back to my thesis writing, term papers and other such stuff…






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