Entrepreneurs: *DO* Be A Hero

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Entrepreneurs: *DO* Be A Hero


A few minutes ago, I came across this tweet from my friend and co-founder at HubSpot, Brian Halligan.

halligan tweet

This got me to thinking (which is often a dangerous thing), am I taking enough risks?  Am I being daring enough?  Am I being a hero?  Answer:  Not often enough.

So, here's advice to my future self and all of you:  *DO* be a hero.

1. Be a hero.  Go after that big, powerful incumbent that doesn't delight its customers enough.

2. Be a hero.  Hire that awesome, amazing person -- even though they don't fit any of the roles you're currently looking for.hero woman 2

3. Be a hero.  Make that sacrifice that will negatively impact your profits but completely aligns with your passions.

4. Be a hero.  Make that really, really hard decision that even the smartest people you know can't seem to agree on.

5. Be a hero.  Say no to that accomplished, super-successful person that your team interviewed, loved and convinced to join -- but doesn't fit your culture.

6. Be a hero.  Kill that stupid company policy that nobody can recall the rationale for, but you suspect was because someone (maybe you) had a friend who knew a guy that had read about a startup that didn't have that policy and that company failed.

7. Be a hero.  Launch that super-secret project you've been working on even though it's more likely to fail than succeed.

8. Be a hero.  Admit that you've changed your mind on the decision you so passionately advocated for a few months ago

9. Be a hero.  Confess to your team that sometimes you take the safer path out of fear and rationalize that you're doing it for the good of the company.

Posted by Dharmesh Shah on Wed, Jan 02, 2013


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